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G.A.V.E. (Gifts of Anatomical Value from Everyone) is an organization set up to make a difference in the organ shortage in the U.S. with the help of willing and healthy donors who are unnecessarily banned from donating. Prisoners, gay men and other viable but prohibited groups frequently ask to help through kidney and bone marrow donations while alive or whole body donations should they die or are executed. However, they are just as frequently denied unnecessarily by transplant authorities due to outdated concerns.More than half of all Americans are prohibited from donating to the unrelenting waiting list of dying patients.

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The Fight to Give Life from Prison & Other Pointlessly Forbidden Places.
Lethal Rejection explains the controversy, examines all opposing viewpoints, and proves that every roadblock and reason for denying such donations is outdated and is needlessly costing innocent lives. It introduces you to some of those innocent lives. It provides a rare look behind prison walls and into the gay society to show why organs and tissue donation should not only be allowed by those healthy within these groups but how it can potentially end the organ donation crisis in this country. Those in need of organs or tissue should not have to wait and wonder if parts they need will be available to them in time. This book provides the solution.

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Lethal Rejection

24 PEOPLE DIE NEEDLESSLY EVERY DAY because they cannot find a suitable organ or tissue donor. More than half of all Americans are prohibited from donating organs, blood, and other parts due to pre-existing conditions ranging from infectious disease to obesity.

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25034925_BG3Death row inmate offers to donate kidney to man in need
An inmate on Oregon’s death row said he’s willing to donate his kidney to a local man with kidney failure.
Christian Longo was convicted of killing his wife and three children in 2001. He said he’s offered to donate his kidney to Kevin Gray, a local man who learned last May that he has stage 5 kidney failure. Gray is currently on a donor waiting list. He goes through nine hours of dialysis every night while he waits to find a potential match, he said. It’s a process that could take up to three years.
Gray said he realized he needed to do something to spread the word about his condition and the need to find more organ donors.
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House passes Utah inmate organ-donor legislation

A bill that would streamline the process for prisoners to sign up as organ donors passed unanimously Wednesday in the Utah House of Representatives.
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